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Old School RuneScape: The 10 Most Profitable Bosses - Part I

Old School Runescape features a variety of formidable monsters hiding within the vast lands of Gielinor, from great dragons to an arena led by tyrannical vampyres. These bosses are one of Runescape's biggest draws, with only the best of the best able to take on these fearsome beasts and claim their great rewards.

With such a large variety of bosses, it can be hard to decide which to spend your time and effort on, but if money's the object of your desire, many drop unique and sought-after items (including some rare pets) that are sure to have you raking in a healthy profit. These bosses all vary in technique, with some needing to be tackled solo, with a couple of friends, or in large groups for Raids. It can sometimes be hard for players to find the balance between a boss that's easy to fight and drops items that are worth your efforts doing so, but these are ten that achieve that happy medium.

10. Venenatis

Venenatis is a large poisonous spider that lives east of the Wilderness Bone Yard, believed to be the last of her kind after being hunted to extinction by Dwarves.

Venenatis is targeted for being the only monster to drop the Treasonous ring, which many players seek to own in order to imbue, fetching nearly 400k at the Grand Exchange. Other rare high-profit drops include the 1/170 chance of a Dragon pickaxe at 4 million and common drops of Onyx bolt tips at 50ok. Venantis is an easy boss to defeat, with a decent range set-up seeing you achieve upwards of 30 wins an hour.

9. Dagganoth Kings

The Dagganoth Kings reside in the underbelly of Waterbirth Island and are great to start off bossing with if you have a couple of friends handy, as the area is multi-combat and with practice can see you all achieving upwards of 130 wins an hour.

Each Dagganoth uses a different combat style, being weak to the type that defeats them on the Combat Triangle: Rex is Melee, Supreme is Ranged and Prime is Magic. Each King possesses a unique ring drop alongside the chance of dropping the Dragon axe for 50k. These ring drops are a 1/128 drop, with Rex's Berserker ring fetching 1.7 million and Supreme's coveted Archer's ring, 3 million.

8. Zulrah

Zulah strikes many as a formidable foe. This solo boss can only be reached by boarding the boat to its lair, which requires you to sacrifice yourself up to High-Priestess Zel-Gwenwyning.

Zulrah can be intimidating and has ended many a Hardcore Ironman in its time. However, in learning Zulrah's rotations, you can easily find yourself achieving upwards of 30 wins an hour. The Tanzanite fang, Magic fang, and Serpentine visage can all net you over 2 million each alongside common drops of stackable scales, runes, teleports, and battle staves.

7. Vorkath

Vorkath is the Draconic-boss that was released with the Dragon Slayer II quest, roughly translated as 'weakling' in Dragonkin. He was experimented on as a test subject but was ultimately abandoned on the island he now inhabits due to a lack of aggression.

Vorkath is a relatively easy solo boss to learn, and can see you, with practice, achieving up to 30 wins an hour. Vorkath is the owner of the Skeletal visage which fetches over 14 million due to its rare 1/5,000 chance, along with the equally illusive Draconic visage at 2.8 million. Other notable drops include Dragon and Rune armor and weaponry, dragonhide, bolts, and manta rays.

6. Abyssal Sire

The Abyssal Sire is the Abyssal Demon Slayer Boss, requiring Level 85 Slayer to kill. According to lore, Sire's are the engineers of the Abyss they frequent, having built it before the God Wars.

With practice, the Sire can be defeated upwards of 30 times an hour, and along with some good standard items has a 1/100 chance of dropping an Unsired, which can be placed into the nearby Font of Consumption for a roll of its rare drop table. Rewards include Abyssal whips (2.4 million), Abyssal daggers (3.3 million), and one of three pieces of the Abyssal bludgeon which, when completed, can fetch 23.6 million.

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