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Old School RuneScape Darkmeyer Will Be Released On June 4

Through RuneFest 2019, we already that the next Morytania expansion of Old School RuneScape would be released in early of 2020, coming with a new series of quests called Sins of the Father, and its follow-up Darkmeyer. Darkmeyer is the capital city of Morytania located in the Sanguinesti region, north of Meiyerditch, inhabited by vampyres and rules Lord Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and brother Ranis Drakan. Also, no one could enter Darkmeyer until Jagex announces its opening.Sins of the Father will offer you various quests expanding on the Myreque series, along with Nightmare of Ashihama boss and a new city.In order to join in Sins of the Father, you have to meet these skill requirements, including 62 Woodcutting, 60 Fletching, 56 Crafting, 52 Agility, 50 Attack, 50 Slayer and 49 Magic. Only after completing these required quests, you can access to Darkmeyer, where you'll encounter a multitude of new shops, amenities and skilling methods.There are three tiers of Darkmeyer, and each one is inhabited by different classes of vampyres. The first tier is the home of juvenile and juvinate vampyres, and the second is home to Vyrewatch, vyrelords, vyreladies and Elite Vyrewatch, the last one is home to Elite Vyrewatch, vyreloards, and vyreladies. With Darkmeyer, you would have more opportunity to earn quest rewards, like the raw daeyalt to make OSRS Gold. Moreover, it will also bring a crypt called the Hallowed Sepulchre for players to gain the Hallowed Mark. The players are allowed to raid the crypt and search for valuable items in a limited amount of time to make more money.In a word, you need to master enough OSRS skills to gradually access deeper levels, and it has been confirmed that Darkmeyer would be released on June 4.Before Sins of the Father coming, there will be two competitions for players to participate online throughout Old School RuneScape, Login Screen Design Competition &Story So Far' Video Competitions. Starting from now, you have to prepare for the upcoming expansion of OSRS, if you want to buy ESO Gold to enhance your strength, Goldrs.com is a cheap store that you can afford. It can guarantee you a worry-free shopping experience, and after playing an order on the site, its staff will serve you well. All OSRS Gold relying on stable supplies is definitely cheaper than other stores. In order to play the game better, why not try it?

Old School RuneScape DMM Tournament Details: Release Date, Arena Brackets And Prize Pool

Jagex announced that it will develop DMM Tournament to invite Old School RuneScape players to participate and raise up to £25,000 for three amazing mental health charity partners, CPSL Mind, the Prince’s Trust and You Are RAD in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Here are all details of the tournament.Old School RuneScape DMM, also known as Deadman Mode, which is both an annually permanent and a monthly seasonal quarterly temporary variant throughout OSRS. The participants are required to vanquish the foes and survive through the most perilous game variant in Old School RuneScape. That is, you will complete a variety of dangerous challenges and encounter unique content changes for DMM Tournament.Starting from May 1, 1 PM BST, the tournament will last for one month until May 30. And until then, there will be a livestream of the Permadeath stage at 7 PM BST, every player is allowed to join in the tournament and watch the live.Before May 28, all OSRS membership can log into the DMM worlds until 11:30 BST, the top 2000 to survive will be flagged to access DMM world 400, only they are allowed to access the world again on May 50, and are forced to one of two “final” areas(Falador/ Annakarl) to fight for survival.The last surviving 128 from each area(256 players in total) would be teleported to an arena system and paired with others to fight against in a series of 1v1 until only one left, who’ll  awarded the championship title.The winner will get $1,000 USD, the Razer Ultimate Bundle, Intel i9-9900k CPU, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag and one year Old School RuneScape membership.2nd place: $500 USD, Razer BlackWidow Elite, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag and one year Old School RuneScape membership.3rd and 4th:$250 USD, Razer Kraken Ultimate and Base Station Chroma OR Viper Ultimate and Gigantus Team Razer, and one year OSRS membership.5th-16th: one year OSRS membership.You are invited to participate in the tournament and take the rewards home, and we could provide you with OSRS Gold you need. On GoldRS.com, you only need a small amount to gain a lot of OSRS Gold to keep survival in DMM world, it is believed that you would have an enjoyable shopping experience here with such a trustworthy online store.

Enjoy The Return Of RuneScape Double XP Event On May 8

Probably from 2016, RuneScape held 2 or 3 Double XP events per year to provide players twice as  much experience through training activities, generally it started on a Friday and ending on the following Monday, so it is also known as Double XP Weekend.For players, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to gain Bonus XP, usually each event had specific limitations and rules. Currently, the second Double XP event of RS in 2020 is about to begin, inviting you to make preparation and participate.Between February 21 to March 1, there was already a 48-hour Double XP boost throughout RuneScape, only less than two months passed away, a new Double XP event has been planned in RS, which has never been seen in the game. This year people have more time to stay indoors, away from the crowd, in order not to let players fell idle, here is an upcoming Double XP Event, along with an unprecedented long duration.Starting from Friday, May 8, the Double XP Weekend event would give XP boost for most combat and skilling activities for RS members +100% boost, and free players +20%, running until Monday, May 18, at noon Game Time, which gives everyone 10 whole days to spend 48 hours in RuneScape.As always, there are still some limitations in the event that XP earned can't apply for some items or activities, like Archaeology, a new skill developed not long ago, who is banned to benefit from any XP boosts for the first six months to keep fair for those who want to race to 99 and 120.All in all, Double XP Weekends are always a ton of fun, never be missed. In order to optimize your training, will you often use RS Gold? As the in-game currency and medium, its demand is increasing day by day, and why not consider trading from the marketplace when you are hard to gain through the game?Price and safety will always be the core of buyers'concern, with this in mind, we have selected a store that meets the requirement, GoldRS, which will become your best assistant to relieve the stress of resource shortage. You'd better visit the site in person, as there are a variety of special offers to let you save money while purchasing.

OSRS Guide: How to Prepare For Twisted League Gamemode

Just like Deadman mode or Ironman Mode, the Runescape Twisted League supplies a competitive and unique solution to play Oldschool Runescape. Inspired by region-locked accounts which have been popular on Youtube, you'll play to be a solo character that cannot leave the continent of Kourend. Within this guide, you ought to be well prepared on your journey once it finally launches.Understanding the Rules of RuneScape Twisted LeagueAside through the obvious idea that players cannot invest with each other nor leave the Kourend-Kebos area, the Jagex has recently though up some rules to generate everything fair. The most notable rule from the RS Twisted League is the idea that experience rates will probably be boosted by 500%, turning it into rather comparable to Deadman Mode tournaments.Conveniently, the respawn location are going to be set to your Kourend Castle, and that is near the crypt. The home teleport spell will even default for this location.Teleports or ships that could otherwise get you outside the area are blocked accordingly, so don’t even do it. You can still take ships or teleports along with other ends in the island. Rushing with the Xerics’ talisman would have been a good idea.Anti-dragon shields are obtainable although you may cannot do the Dragon Slayer quest. This is likely as a result of so many dragons encountered for Slayer that will be near-impossible to kill without. You can get this from multiple general stores within the island.How Can I Get Prepared For The Twisted LeagueThe most sensible thing any player could do is investigate Runescape Wiki to locate everything you can about Kourend, including belongings you didn’t know. It would be good to seek out out certain monster drops, learn how to get favor per house, and what shops remain. For instance, a good option to get a rune axe may possibly be the Woodcutting guild.There will also be a few Youtube channels which feature Kourend-only ironmen which can be useful. Watch the first few episodes to find out how you can be considered a resource while stranded around the continent.It are often a great idea to gain early access to your Woodcutting guild, where you can train up fletching, gain gold, make magic bows, making planks to practice construction. Other routes can include training runecrafting in the library, Hunter by trying to find worms or getting combat out in the way at sand crabs. There are lots of possibilities with this diverse continent.Item DropsJagex made a decision to change around how some end-game drops work to ensure users don’t have to leave Kourend. It also helps it be a bit less complicated overall, in order that it might be work choosing these items.The Kodai Wand not needs Master Wand to make and simply drops on the chest. If you’re going from your lance, the hydra claw is instead dropped because entire lance to the sake of convenience. The ferocious gloves no longer have to be upgraded from Barrows gloves and is particularly a rare drop through the Alchemical Hydra.There are a couple of relics that emulate quest items that could have been obtained elsewhere. The Abyssal Accumulator is a lot like the Ava’s Accumulator but saves 85% on ammunition. Other perks are around for be purchased with points, though the full details are reserved for that launch in the game mode.What is Runescape twisted League Reward Poll?The reward poll lets the Runescape player base to make the decision what the in-game rewards with the different tiers in the winner will probably be. These rewards may incorporate a mix of benefits that are going to be transferred up to your main account and assist you within the tournament itself.The polled ended on October 24 together some surprising results. Every single one from the proposed rewards had passed, with just over 31,000 players voting.The three tiers of cosmetic outfits that will probably be given to their main accounts had passed and is going to be in the live version. These costumes will represent participation inside league, therefore it may certainly be a limited-time outfit if there aren’t future leagues in the same type.There may also be reward banners and they is going to be similar to Kourend house banners. You can hold it with your weapon slot likewise.To get along with the banner, you can also get special trophies that will probably be held inside shield slot. These trophies will represent the league you’re in and you will store it in a very player-owned house.There will likely be a particular Slayer helmet recolor, assuming most of your account contains the 1,000 Slayer points to unlock it on the whole.Ancestral Robes may also get its ornament kit to qualifying players. You can pick from green, white or black on this kit. The poll mentioned these would cost a lot of points.If you then have a player-owned house, we have a wall kit to exhibit guests you took part inside league.If you get and ensure pets throughout the league, it will probably be transferred to the site future leagues if you utilize the same account. Mind you, it is always quite rare to acquire skilling pets on the whole. The insurance cost for pets cost nothing, fortunately.Is This Available to free players?Oldschool Runescape incorporates a free version though limited gameplay. If you would like to compete with this new game mode, you may need a premium subscription. This can technically be found without using real-life money by ordering bonds using your in-game osrs gold. Fortunately, both desktop and mobile game company is playable by free-to-play accounts.Wrapping UpThis new league is experimental therefore we have to find out how everything goes in the next day or two. While it will not be action-packed, it can be what Runescape must revive the populace during this time of the season and bring some excitement for skillers. If you think you could have what it takes to be considered a top skiller and PvM master, make sure you might have your membership renewed to acquire in early. 
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