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  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


About RS Items

There is a rather complex collection of new features in RuneScape, containing Firecape, God Equipment, Minigame Points/ Items, collectively called as RS Items, which can be used to gain XP, equip characters, and level up.

In order to enjoy the game time better, part of RuneScape items is necessary to gain. Compared to the hard and time-consuming farming, RS trade is obviously easier and more convenient.

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Save the world with new skills in RuneScape's Desperate Measures

RuneScape's desperate Measures has been launched. The developers recently released the Desperate Measures update, adding an abundance of new content to the game while also advancing the Elder Gods storyline. There aren't many games that have lasted as long as RuneScape. At nearly two decades old, its among the longest running MMORPGs on the market, and it's one that has continued to innovate over the years. Whilst obviously aimed heavily at Desperate Measures focused players, there's some really fun moments in this quest as well. Casual players should be able to enjoy the quest and will definitely gain the rewards.Desperate Measures is going to reveal some very interesting secrets about both the past and the player themselves. Archaeology and saving the world go hand-in-hand — just ask Doctor Jones. RuneScape players have a chance to experience this themselves right now with the release of the game's latest quest update, Desperate Measures. The mission picks up from a previous story update and involves (among other elements) the game's Archaeology skill. If you want to have a greater advantage than other players, it is best to go to GoldRS to buy RS gold, where you can buy any equipment that can help you quickly improve your abilities.Desperate Measures is the sequel to last year's Desperate Times. The RS designer confirmed that players do not need to feel desperate. The rewards in Desperate Measures include Thok Saga (cosmetic weapon coverage), XP lights, and cosmic attention to make it easier for players to effectively discover Artifact. There is also a brand new collector to find who can help further upgrade the focus of the universe. If you want to quickly collect in-game resources to make your abilities more powerful, you can choose to go to GoldRS to buy RS gold. In GoldRS, you can enjoy the best service and you can receive your purchases within 15 minutes And GoldRS cooperates with high-end suppliers around the world to ensure product safety.

Old School RuneScape Skills To Make Money Fast

In Old School RuneScape, gold farming is the only way to build wealth, and you can achieve the goal by experiencing skills, some of which are profitable and allow you to make money quickly, also known as OSRS Gold.MiningThrough Mining, you could get Gems and Ores from rocks, and then sell for profit. This is an effective way to earn gold, because you can always get a high amount of Ore with Mining skill, such as Runite Ore, which is very rare and allows you to earn 700k OSRS Gold per hour.CookingThe uniqueness of cooking is that it can't always produce a large amount of gold, but almost everyone is good at using the skill, especially at low levels. More importantly, you could cook while you are busy doing something else, saving much time.FishingJust like cooking, you can set aside and do another task to earn gold, although it does not make your rich, it is an additional income.For instance, the Sacred Eels can earn 167k gold per hour, 200k for Anglerfish, 270k for Minnows, etc.RuneCraftingThis is the best method to farm gold through making runes and casting Magic, but it would take longer. There are some high-level runes for you to use, so be sure to spend more time on leveling up RuneCrafting skill when possible, as the amount of profit you make will depend on what level your RuneCrafting.HunterYou are able to catch a number of different creatures with hunter, which requires more effective hunting techniques such as laying improved traps. And as your level increases, you can buy better equipment to hunt more profitable creatures.As can be seen from the above, there are many ways to make money in Old School RuneScape, and their common feature is time-consuming. If you are free, when playing it, you are advised to try these methods.However, if you find farming no fun, you can buy OSRS Gold, which is a very convenient method.  As long as you place an order, you can quickly get a large amount.GoldRS.com is a store that specializes in providing RS items, it serves customers all over the world, and has received quite good reviews. Here you’ll also be treated well and create an enjoyable shopping experience.

Old School RuneScape Money Making Guide

Jagex made great overhauls to Old School RuneScape, making it completely different from RuneScape, that is to say, players need to adapt for a while to play Old School RuneScape, which are completely different from the original game. Here is a comprehensive guide about earning OSRS Gold, allowing you to thoroughly penetrate the game and benefit from it.Making money almost runs through the entire game of Old School RuneScape, because at every level, Gold needs to be used in every aspect, so if you know how to make money quickly, this will allow you to occupy a central position in the game and never fall behind others.In Old School RuneScape, you can get the corresponding reward for every level up, so you can first earn gold through skill training to meet basic needs as the rules, training the high-level skills can make you more gold, although this does not allow you to build wealth, it can bring a stale income, and even the starters without any experience could have a try.In general, defeating monsters and bosses is the most common way to make OSRS Gold, which may also drop a series of high-value items as your reward, but only high-level players can defeat powerful monsters, such as Green Dragons, although this can bring you huge benefits in a short time, they will also cause damage to the players.As far as I am concerned, the most suitable method we can provide is farming, but you will not be advised to always work repeatedly, which will not only waste you a lot of time, but also gain less and less XP.Here is a shop Goldrs.com to access and get gold related to OSRS and RS, along with a series of items. Compared with other MMORPG markets, the site focus on providing only one type of goods in order to allow staff to serve all customers well. Every customer, it will treat thousands of customers who give good reviews to it, because it is honest enough to be trusted by everyone, and more importantly, its goods are of high quality and can be delivered in a short time, which will create the perfect shopping experience for you within its maximum ability to make you play better. It is best for you to come to the store in person, hopefully, it can be accepted and liked by you.

RuneScape Desperate Measure Update Will Launch On July 27 For Archaeology Skill

This has been announced that a brand new chapter will come to RuneScape on July 27, Desperate Measure, as a sequel to Desperate Times last year and continues its story line. By that time, players are allowed to develop their Archaeology skills.Following the Elder Gods questline, the upcoming update introduces a brand new environment where players with Archaeology skill could uncover the mysteries surrounding the dinosaur-infested island of Anachronia. Players will inevitably encounter the Dragonkin, a race of powerful dragon-like creatures, which are able to bring the world of Gielinor to the edge of catastrophe. Until the rising of the Elder Gods, Archaeology skill will play an important role in the combats.RuneScape has always been a high-profited game, and many players have farmed gold in the game after becoming a hero, it continues to provide new content so that you always stick into it.Archaeology skill is the 28th one of RuneScape with a maximum level of 120, including excavation and restoration of artefacts.RS Gold can be spent to make your journey more comfortable, it can also build wealth and get these in-game skills improved. Not only farming, each player has multiple ways to obtain RS Gold, and the most convenient of which is to buy, because there are many RS shops in the market, they can provide a lot of gold, allowing you to save more time and gold.Here is a professional store, GoldRS.com, which will provide a variety of cheap RuneScape items at any time for players around the world, where you can enjoy high-quality goods, friendly service and extremely fast delivery.Remember to play Desperate Measure on July 27 for RuneScape.
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