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  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


About RS Items

There is a rather complex collection of new features in RuneScape, containing Firecape, God Equipment, Minigame Points/ Items, collectively called as RS Items, which can be used to gain XP, equip characters, and level up.

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RuneScape's Community Awards Will Be Virtual This Year

The RuneScape Team announced that the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be happening later this year! Obviously, in this year of COVID-19, things will be a little different this time. The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be a digital event.They have added two new awards this year, meaning there are a total of 19 Gnomes up for grabs. The categories range from video, streaming, art, and community which is the new category.Nominations are actually open. Keep in mind that you have until midnight BST on August 30 to cast your vote. The panel will then review these nominees, with a final list to be announced on September 18. Voting will then commence on the nominees, with this round of voting ending on October 6.RuneScape is one of those games that has a niche of its own. Players and celebrities from around the globe are positively obsessed with it. The fantasy role-playing game necessarily brings out the medieval persona in its players. With the abilities vested on the character, one can do almost anything in the world of Gielinor.As an old game, but it still has a large number of players, it must have its point. You can buy some equipment with RS Gold to continuously improve your character's skills, and you will be able to experience more game content. If you need more RS Gold, buying at GoldRS.com must be the right choice. The prices of items on GoldRS.com are lower than the market price, which will undoubtedly save you money.

Old School RuneScape Timetable Changes You Need To Focus

Both RuneScape and Old School RS are always worth playing, because it provides what players want, and it is constantly updated. As far as I am concerned, over the years, RuneScape has been an old game for players to have fun. It is no longer a simple game, but an effective way for many players to build wealth, this is why RS with a poor graphic can be so popular.As one of the most popular MMOs, RuneScape has detailed and complete systems and mechanics, as well as regular updates. Knowing that you are used to checking the latest developments of RuneScape on the official site, but now, it has changed a little.Starting from this week, August 12, game updates of RuneScape will take place on Wednesday mornings, around 11:30 BST, and there will be no game update next week, as Jagex is planning to do something new.And from August 27, Thursday, the weekly livestreams of Old School RuneScape will take place on every Thursday evenings, around 5 PM BST on twitch.tv/OldSchoolRS. That is, the livestream on August 12 and 19th will take place as usual.As a result, if you don't want to miss any important news of Old School RuneScape, remember the updated timetable, which could make you play the game better, and even build wealth. Also, In order for each of you to keep the latest news of RuneScape and Old School RS, we will update relevant information on GoldRS.com per day, please stay tuned.You can build wealth through farming in RuneScape, such as RS Gold, which can be earned from a lot of methods. Simply put, you can make money through winning the games and continue to invest in the game to enhance the strength and competitiveness of your characters and teams. GoldRS will give you the greatest help within its ability to play it, it must be a great experience for you.

How And Why To Buy RS items on GoldRS.com?

As an experienced RuneScape fan, I have been playing the game for a long time not long after it was released, there is nothing more convincing than what I said, especially the in-game economy.Fortunately, RuneScape we played is an MMORPG where players control the economy, that is, anyone can use any way to make money or invest at will in the game.Based on past experience, there are two ways to play RuneScape well, hard working and searching for shortcuts. And I am more accustomed to the latter, buying RS Gold or items to avoid duplication of labor and build wealth.GoldRS.com is a store I often choose, over the years, I have traded with it many times, and each time I created a pretty good experience, receiving high-quality RS Gold to use in the game.Shopping here, it is cheap, much lower than the market price, which does not affect the security of the currency it provides, at least until now, there is no risk in my RS account after using gold, this is why I trade with the shop all the times.How to buy on the site?Currently, it mainly deals with RS Gold, account, items and boosting service on GoldRS.com, each of which has a discount, which can make you spend less.When you come to the store for the first time, please contact the 24/7 customer service, they will patiently answer all your doubts, then on the homepage of the site, you can view all the goods and prices, you only need to place an order according to your needs, and ask the customer service if there is a coupon before making the payment. It is worth mentioning that RS Gold and items on the site are fully stocked relying on stable suppliers. However, if you need RS account or boosting service, you might have to wait more because our team needs time to work.At any time, the site will treat you friendly and complete every order quickly, all in all, this is the best place to give your RuneScape a boost, so enjoy it!

Save the world with new skills in RuneScape's Desperate Measures

RuneScape's desperate Measures has been launched. The developers recently released the Desperate Measures update, adding an abundance of new content to the game while also advancing the Elder Gods storyline. There aren't many games that have lasted as long as RuneScape. At nearly two decades old, its among the longest running MMORPGs on the market, and it's one that has continued to innovate over the years. Whilst obviously aimed heavily at Desperate Measures focused players, there's some really fun moments in this quest as well. Casual players should be able to enjoy the quest and will definitely gain the rewards.Desperate Measures is going to reveal some very interesting secrets about both the past and the player themselves. Archaeology and saving the world go hand-in-hand — just ask Doctor Jones. RuneScape players have a chance to experience this themselves right now with the release of the game's latest quest update, Desperate Measures. The mission picks up from a previous story update and involves (among other elements) the game's Archaeology skill. If you want to have a greater advantage than other players, it is best to go to GoldRS to buy RS gold, where you can buy any equipment that can help you quickly improve your abilities.Desperate Measures is the sequel to last year's Desperate Times. The RS designer confirmed that players do not need to feel desperate. The rewards in Desperate Measures include Thok Saga (cosmetic weapon coverage), XP lights, and cosmic attention to make it easier for players to effectively discover Artifact. There is also a brand new collector to find who can help further upgrade the focus of the universe. If you want to quickly collect in-game resources to make your abilities more powerful, you can choose to go to GoldRS to buy RS gold. In GoldRS, you can enjoy the best service and you can receive your purchases within 15 minutes And GoldRS cooperates with high-end suppliers around the world to ensure product safety.
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