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  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/43+Prayer/50+H

    - +


  • OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/43+Prayer/50+HP

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


  • OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/44+Pra

    - +


About RS Items

There is a rather complex collection of new features in RuneScape, containing Firecape, God Equipment, Minigame Points/ Items, collectively called as RS Items, which can be used to gain XP, equip characters, and level up.

In order to enjoy the game time better, part of RuneScape items is necessary to gain. Compared to the hard and time-consuming farming, RS trade is obviously easier and more convenient.

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RuneScape Archaeology Skill Info: Dig Sites, Rewards And Upgrade

On March 30, the developer Jagex released Archaeology of RuneScape, a brand new skill to explore among different dig sites. It ran very well and accepted by players, but for those who are new, they may not be familiar with the skill, here is a guide to get a rough impression of it.In order to unlock Archaeology skill and get upgraded, you must access to dig sites and complete respective quests, up to five.KHARID-ET, near Al-Kharid, which can be unlocked at level 5 Archaeology, where you could investigate the ruins of a Zarosian fortress with Dr. Nabanik. When reaching level 20 Archaeology, you could access to INFERNAL Source, near the Jolly Boar Inn, where you could investigate the basement of the Inn working with the manager Movario.At level 42, you are required to shut down the Everlight with Vanescula Drakan in EVERLIGHT, south east Morytania. Until level 70, you'll get to soar through the skies to reach Stormguard Citadel, located north of East Ardougne and south of the Ranging Guild. At level 76, you could uncover the bloody history of the Warforge with an old friend.After completing these quests, you can unlock a series of Archaeology rewards, including Relics, Ancient Summoning, Ancient Invention. Archaeology is the first new skill added by RuneScape in four years, it provides more opportunities for players to unlock and quickly occupy the main position in the game. RuneScape Gold helps to upgrade the Archaeology skill faster, if you can't get some, it is a double effort and time to develop it.Here is a professional store in the RS field, GoldRS.com, that can sell a variety of virtual currency and equipment, including RS Gold, RS account, RS Items, as well as OSRS Gold. This is a shop certified by professional organizations, which can create a satisfying shopping experience for each consumer and provide a variety of cheap goods to play the game better.

Benefits To Gold Farming In Old School Runescape

In February 2013, Jagex released the retro version of RuneScape, also known as Old School RuneScape, which has been upgraded and improved several times from the engine, content and quality of life based on user feedback.Generally speaking, Old School Runescape has developed into a more successful version, where players can play with excitement and at the same time, it will not make anyone feel troublesome or difficult.In this game, it has multiple modes to choose from, allowing players to play different types of games. For instance, in the Ironman Mode, players are prohibited from any financial trading with others, also, the mechanics in it are simple enough, where players only need to control the movement and interaction through point of click.Surely, the biggest feature in the game is gold farming, as gold has a stable consumption base, gold trading will not be prohibited, even outside the game, but it is also crucial to ensure your safety in a safe and reliable place.Gold farming can meet the players' demand for in-game virtual currency to finish other high-level quests and rewards faster, which requires you to complete many simple and repeated quests in the early stage of the game to obtain XP and level up the characters and skills. In many game versions, Old School RuneScape can always occupy the main position, and many players can also build wealth through the game and exchange it for real money.Old School RuneScape Gold can benefit players a lot, but whether it is buying or selling gold, it should be finished within a reasonable range and advocated to maintain economic balance in the game.GoldRS.com is a provider of virtual currency & equipment in the RuneScape field, which has been certified by many professional institutions and is committed to providing consumers with cheap and high-quality goods. You can definitely find satisfactory products here and enjoy high-quality services.You are welcome to trade with it at any time, because it is 24/7-online site, hopefully, you can accept and live its service.

RuneScape And Old School RuneScape Subscribes Reach Over 1.1 Million During 2019

The developer Jagex is glad to tell fans that the subscribes and sale of RuneScape in 2019 have hit a new all-time peak and brought huge profits.Since 2001, RuneScape with bad graphics has been at the top of major game list by its changing game content, and it has achieved a fifth consecutive year of growth as its revenues to $137.6 million, and its operating profits also increased to $60.3 million, showing the memberships on both PC and mobile has an all-time high.As of January 2020, in the 19th year of RuneScape's release, it has been downloaded eight million times, showing that 2019 is a successful and extraordinary year, more players join the game, letting Jagex grow and invest more.By 2020, RuneScape will develop more game content to attract players, and more importantly, it would keep its loyal gaming communities excited and engaged for the long-term speaks to the success of the living games ethos, from Jagex.Simply put, Jagex will increase investment in 2020 to attract more talent to make RuneScape more successful, including improving the players' gaming experience, and in 2021, everyone will encounter the 20th anniversary of RuneScape.During the coronavirus pandemic, when players could only stay at home, the download of RuneScape increased significantly, through the game, not only did players have fun, but also people built wealth through gold farming.When it comes to RuneScape Gold, the fastest and best way to build wealth is to make money with money. That is, when you have enough gold to complete the challenges faster in RuneScape, you have more opportunities to make greater wealth.If you lack basic gold, here is a site called GoldRS.com to help you, this is a special shop in RuneScape field to sell RS Gold, or OSRS Gold.This is a store that you can trust completely, and all the trading on the site is protected. You don't have to worry about anything except placing orders. It is believed that you'll create an enjoyable shopping experience to make your journey more comfortable.

OSRS Gold For Sale Guide: Money Making And Farming

Whether playing RuneScape or Old School RS, this is a very long process from level 1 to the maximum level, because this is a game that the player runs, including the characters’ skills can only be obtained by completing quests, and leveling up.In order to complete the challenges faster and gain more character skills, many people try to find shortcuts in the game. Meanwhile, gold farming has become the huge obstacle that players need to overcome because it can control the entire game's economy, player skills and equipment.Simply put, everyone needs gold in RuneScape, but some powerful players can also gather up a lot of gold through it.This is very crucial that it is necessary to ensure the security of accounts and personal information when trading RuneScape or Old School RS Gold, especially when trading on the Internet. Generally speaking, farming can only meet the players' basic needs for gold in rs, and it is impossible to build wealth, but in order to make money with money, you must first prepare a large amount of gold that most players can't obtain, thus occupying the main position throughout the games.When it comes to OSRS Gold for sale, there are many complicated suppliers and merchants in the market, who promises to give consumers high-quality goods, but the results are often the opposite.When you want to buy RS Gold, it is cautious to choose a reliable store.Take GoldRS.com for example, this is a special store to sell RuneScape-related products. First of all, it promises to provide cheap and safe products for all consumers with excellent service, which can be viewed in other customers' reviews.Then, in order to improve efficiency, all the customer service on the site is working 24 hours in turn per day, and once the order is accepted, they will process it immediately and complete the delivery within 30 minutes, no matter when you place the order.Last not the least, its refund policy is very clear, once your order has an error, you could apply for a refund, and the site will handle all the problems to prevent you from losing money.Obviously, this is a trustworthy store, you are recommended to try it with a small amount of money, and you'll receive and like its service.
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