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Old School RuneScape: The 10 Most Profitable Bosses - Part II

Old School Runescape features a variety of formidable monsters hiding within the vast lands of Gielinor, from great dragons to an arena led by tyrannical vampyres. These bosses are one of Runescape's biggest draws, with only the best of the best able to take on these fearsome beasts and claim their great rewards.

With such a large variety of bosses, it can be hard to decide which to spend your time and effort on, but if money's the object of your desire, many drop unique and sought-after items (including some rare pets) that are sure to have you raking in a healthy profit. These bosses all vary in technique, with some needing to be tackled solo, with a couple of friends, or in large groups for Raids. It can sometimes be hard for players to find the balance between a boss that's easy to fight and drops items that are worth your efforts doing so, but these are ten that achieve that happy medium.

5. Chambers of Xeric

The Chambers of Xeric is Runescape's first Raid, located at Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands. It's a high-level group activity that requires you to successfully make it through a set number of combat encounters before finally facing the Great Olm in order to loot from the rewards chest. For many, Raids are the highest level and most enjoyable content within Runescape and continue to be the reason it remains one of the best cooperative games to play with friends. Due to its nature, you will probably only find yourself achieving two Raids an hour, but the rewards here are some of the best in the game.

Depending on the number of points obtained in the raid, the player has a chance to roll the unique drop table. This features some of the most profitable items in the game, such as the Twisted bow at a staggering 1 billion gp. Other items include the Kodai insignia (82.3 million), Dragon hunter crossbow (79 million), Ancestral robe pieces (53-60 million), Dragon claws (53.3 million), and Dexterous prayer Scroll (16.2 million).

4. Cerberus

Cerberus is the hellhound Slayer boss living below Taverley Dungeon, requiring a Slayer level of 91 to face. As Guardian of the River of Souls, Cerberus protects the souls of the departed but also longs to escape her post, apparently having escaped on multiple occasions.

Cerberus is one of Runescape's easier bosses and by far one of its quickest to kill, with a good set-up seeing you achieve upwards of 45 kills an hour. Players mostly come to Cerberus for her 1/512 drops of the Primordial crystal (24 million), Smouldering stone (5.7 million), Eternal crystal (1.3 million), and Pegasian crystal (92,000).

3. Alchemical Hydra

The Alchemical Hydra is the Hydra Slayer Boss located on the lowest level on the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, experimented on and abandoned there by Dragonkin Karuulm.

The Alchemical Hydra can be killed as many as 25 times an hour with a decent set-up and practice. It has a list of unique drops, including the Hydra claw (50.4 million), Hydra leather (4 million), and Hydra tail (100,000gp). It also has a 1/181 chance of dropping one of three pieces needed to construct the Brimstone Ring (2.4 million).

2. Theatre Of Blood

Run by the tyrannical vampyres of Meiyerditch, The Theatre of Blood is a large combat arena used by the vampyres for blood sport. The Theatre is Runescape's second and latest Raid minigame, allowing a team of up to five participants to face five abominations and experiments before facing Lady Verzik Vitur, ruled of Ver Sinhaza herself.

The Theatre of Blood operates similarly to Chambers of Xeric, as successful teams with no player deaths are projected to earn 8 million a run, achieving two runs an hour with a 1/9 chance of accessing the unique reward table. This rewards table offers unique drops such as the Avernic defender hilt (41.3 million), a piece of Justiciar (7.5-17.5 million), Sanguinesti staff (68 million), Ghrazi rapier (110 million) or at best, the Scythe of vitur at 566 million.

1. The Nightmare Of Ashihama

The Nightmare of Ashihama is one of Runescape's newest bosses, and, to date, its biggest money-maker. It's located in Morytania's Sisterhood Sanctuary and is an otherworldly being who feeds on the life-force of sleeping people through their nightmares before ultimately devouring them.

The Nightmare is a multi-combat boss which can be taken on by up to 80 players, but is best in a team of around four, with teams averaging 10 kills an hour. She's unique in that with each kill, teams have the chance at two unique table rolls: a 1/120 for her armor, mace, and staff, and the other a 1/600 for an orb. These unique items all fetch a high price, with Inquisitor's armor pieces selling for 122-192 million and the Inquisitor's Mace 536 million. However, if you hit the orb table, you could be lucky enough to find yourself with a Harmonised Orb worth over 845 million. always provide you with helpful OSRS Guides and cheap RS Gold! Visit and get them!

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