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Jagex is running a Mental Health Awareness Week in RuneScape

Jagex has never been a company to shy away from supporting various charity organizations. The latest example of this went live today in its signature MMORPG, RuneScape. From today until May 16, Jagex will be running an event in RuneScape to celebrate and raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week.

As part of the event, Jagex is offering a special pack called the Meditation Bundle. Available for one Bond or 250 RuneCoins, costing $6.99 USD, the bundle offers a variety of useful items and experience boosts for players. All earnings made via the bundle will be donated to two of Jagex's charity partners, CPSL Mind and Rise Above the Disorder.

The Meditation Bundle

The Meditation Bundle is a great value package for any RuneScape players looking to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. The most appealing offer is the Stone of Meditation. This new item provides a four percent XP boost to the user for 60 minutes. Also, any nearby players will receive a two percent XP boost.

The Stone of Meditation can hold up to five charges at once. It gains two new charges every day but can be used as many times as desired until it is out of charge. Once the event ends owners of the Stone of Meditation will receive 2500 Oddments as a reward.

Outside of the Stone, the bundle offers other rewards to encourage RuneScape players to engage in Mental Health Awareness Week. There are cosmetics such as the Cloak of Meditation, further XP boosts via Pulse Cores and Cinder Cores, and quality of life items including Portable Packs and Protean Packs.

Unfortunately, the mass majority of non-cosmetic rewards are not available on Ironman accounts. However, Ironmen can still purchase The Meditation Bundle in RuneScape to support Mental Health Awareness Week. Jagex's third charity partner Blueprint for All will be partaking in a different event later this year.

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