Enjoy The Return Of RuneScape Double XP Event On May 8
Enjoy The Return Of RuneScape Double XP Event On May 8

Probably from 2016, RuneScape held 2 or 3 Double XP events per year to provide players twice as  much experience through training activities, generally it started on a Friday and ending on the following Monday, so it is also known as Double XP Weekend.

For players, this is indeed an excellent opportunity to gain Bonus XP, usually each event had specific limitations and rules. Currently, the second Double XP event of RS in 2020 is about to begin, inviting you to make preparation and participate.

Between February 21 to March 1, there was already a 48-hour Double XP boost throughout RuneScape, only less than two months passed away, a new Double XP event has been planned in RS, which has never been seen in the game. 

This year people have more time to stay indoors, away from the crowd, in order not to let players fell idle, here is an upcoming Double XP Event, along with an unprecedented long duration.

Starting from Friday, May 8, the Double XP Weekend event would give XP boost for most combat and skilling activities for RS members +100% boost, and free players +20%, running until Monday, May 18, at noon Game Time, which gives everyone 10 whole days to spend 48 hours in RuneScape.

As always, there are still some limitations in the event that XP earned can't apply for some items or activities, like Archaeology, a new skill developed not long ago, who is banned to benefit from any XP boosts for the first six months to keep fair for those who want to race to 99 and 120.

All in all, Double XP Weekends are always a ton of fun, never be missed. In order to optimize your training, will you often use RS Gold? As the in-game currency and medium, its demand is increasing day by day, and why not consider trading from the marketplace when you are hard to gain through the game?

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