So Excited! Jagex Says RuneScape Could Come To Consoles In Future
So Excited! Jagex Says RuneScape Could Come To Consoles In Future

The latest RuneScape officially revealed some news that RuneScape may eventually appear on consoles.

This news comes from the Gielinor Gazette, which is a mod-run newsletter about all things Old School RuneScape. Published by Jagex at the end of each month, the Gazette includes various official information about recent player statistics, upcoming projects, etc.

The newsletter stated that in Jagex's view, there are potential RuneScape players all over the world. In addition to the Old School RuneScape, some people only play their games on Steam, while others are sitting on the sofa playing PS4. In order to reach as many people as possible, it is important to consider these people as potential RuneScape members-therefore, the future of playing Old School RuneScape on next-generation consoles is not as far away as you think.

The Gazette admits that these are ambitions and it is much easier to consider the console porting of RuneScape than the actual implementation. However, it also pointed out that there are currently some major secret projects in progress.

In addition, to bring RuneScape to other platforms and consoles, Jagex is also working hard to improve its marketing department and actively exploring the possibility of adding more competitive playstyles to the game.

So, although it seems impossible in the past 20 years, maybe one day we see RuneScape on the console.

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