Runescape Developer Jagex Donated $ 250,000 For Mental Health And £60,000 To Support #Black Lives Matter#
Runescape Developer Jagex Donated $ 250,000 For Mental Health And £60,000 To Support #Black Lives Matter#

In recent years, mental illnesses seem to be more noticeable than physical illnesses, especially depression causes death rate second only to cancer globally. Therefore, various industries began to invest more in the treatment of mental illness, and the developer Jagex of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape did the same thing.

From the Jagex's official YouTube, it announced that it had raised $250,000 and donated it to charity for the treatment of mental illness, which was gathered by Runescape during the in-game charity event in May, which also included proceeds from Solomon's General Store in Mental Health Awareness Week at over $100,000.

At present, the donation is split equally between the developer's three partnered mental health charities, CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and Rise Above the Disorder, which are experienced in treating people with mental illness, and their task is to help unique patient through tough times and build better mental health. Of course, they also need outside help and support.

Jagex expressed its willingness to engage in similar philanthropy, beyond that, it also donated £60,000 to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, a UK-based charity committed to social inclusion, to support "Black Lives Matter", hitting the ethnic minorities and racial prejudice.

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