RuneScape Desperate Measure Update Will Launch On July 27 For Archaeology Skill
RuneScape Desperate Measure Update Will Launch On July 27 For Archaeology Skill

This has been announced that a brand new chapter will come to RuneScape on July 27, Desperate Measure, as a sequel to Desperate Times last year and continues its story line. By that time, players are allowed to develop their Archaeology skills.

Following the Elder Gods questline, the upcoming update introduces a brand new environment where players with Archaeology skill could uncover the mysteries surrounding the dinosaur-infested island of Anachronia.

Players will inevitably encounter the Dragonkin, a race of powerful dragon-like creatures, which are able to bring the world of Gielinor to the edge of catastrophe. Until the rising of the Elder Gods, Archaeology skill will play an important role in the combats.

RuneScape has always been a high-profited game, and many players have farmed gold in the game after becoming a hero, it continues to provide new content so that you always stick into it.

Archaeology skill is the 28th one of RuneScape with a maximum level of 120, including excavation and restoration of artefacts.

RS Gold can be spent to make your journey more comfortable, it can also build wealth and get these in-game skills improved.

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Remember to play Desperate Measure on July 27 for RuneScape.

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