RuneScape Archaeology Skill Info: Dig Sites, Rewards And Upgrade
RuneScape Archaeology Skill Info: Dig Sites, Rewards And Upgrade

On March 30, the developer Jagex released Archaeology of RuneScape, a brand new skill to explore among different dig sites. It ran very well and accepted by players, but for those who are new, they may not be familiar with the skill, here is a guide to get a rough impression of it.

In order to unlock Archaeology skill and get upgraded, you must access to dig sites and complete respective quests, up to five.

KHARID-ET, near Al-Kharid, which can be unlocked at level 5 Archaeology, where you could investigate the ruins of a Zarosian fortress with Dr. Nabanik. When reaching level 20 Archaeology, you could access to INFERNAL Source, near the Jolly Boar Inn, where you could investigate the basement of the Inn working with the manager Movario.

At level 42, you are required to shut down the Everlight with Vanescula Drakan in EVERLIGHT, south east Morytania. Until level 70, you'll get to soar through the skies to reach Stormguard Citadel, located north of East Ardougne and south of the Ranging Guild. At level 76, you could uncover the bloody history of the Warforge with an old friend.

After completing these quests, you can unlock a series of Archaeology rewards, including Relics, Ancient Summoning, Ancient Invention.

Archaeology is the first new skill added by RuneScape in four years, it provides more opportunities for players to unlock and quickly occupy the main position in the game.

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