RuneScape And Old School RuneScape Subscribes Reach Over 1.1 Million During 2019
RuneScape And Old School RuneScape Subscribes Reach Over 1.1 Million During 2019

The developer Jagex is glad to tell fans that the subscribes and sale of RuneScape in 2019 have hit a new all-time peak and brought huge profits.

Since 2001, RuneScape with bad graphics has been at the top of major game list by its changing game content, and it has achieved a fifth consecutive year of growth as its revenues to $137.6 million, and its operating profits also increased to $60.3 million, showing the memberships on both PC and mobile has an all-time high.

As of January 2020, in the 19th year of RuneScape's release, it has been downloaded eight million times, showing that 2019 is a successful and extraordinary year, more players join the game, letting Jagex grow and invest more.

By 2020, RuneScape will develop more game content to attract players, and more importantly, it would keep its loyal gaming communities excited and engaged for the long-term speaks to the success of the living games ethos, from Jagex.

Simply put, Jagex will increase investment in 2020 to attract more talent to make RuneScape more successful, including improving the players' gaming experience, and in 2021, everyone will encounter the 20th anniversary of RuneScape.

During the coronavirus pandemic, when players could only stay at home, the download of RuneScape increased significantly, through the game, not only did players have fun, but also people built wealth through gold farming.

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