Poll 71 Changes List in Old School RuneScape
Poll 71 Changes List in Old School RuneScape

More than a month ago, Jagex planned to open up Poll 71, gathering up feedback and comments from players about the next round of wanted updates to content in Old School RuneScape, including the Gauntlet, the Chambers of Xeric, and other more updates. At present, these Poll 71 changes have been listed with the Darkmeyer updates in OSRS.

The Rocky pet gains the ability to transform itself into two new species with different colors. Feed Rocky with redberries, it will transform into a Red Panda, and with poison ivy berries, it would change into a Tanuki. If you don't like its colors, it would turn back the chubby-cheeked Raccoon form when feeding white berries.

The numbers of two Wilderness Slayer mobs to spawn in Old School RuneScape have also been increased, the black knight spawns north of Venenatis has improved to 7, while the bloodveld spawns in the Wilderness Dungeon has improved to 5.

Moreover, the players could still receive the return through completing specific tasks. Those who have finished the Rag and Bone Man II' quest could receive the Ram Skull and Bonesack rewards. In order to get access to the quests, you must seek out the Odd Old Man near the road to Morytania and speak to him, meanwhile, you need level-30 Defence to equip the Ram Skull, which can resist huge damage for your characters.

In related news, bags of gems and soft clay packs are now available in Mining Guild, the former can be purchased for 20 unidentified minerals, and the latter can be bought with 10 ones.
It can be seen that Jagex fully considers the views of players and applies them to OSRS, in a few weeks, we will encounter more in the game.

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