Old School RuneScape Timetable Changes You Need To Focus
Old School RuneScape Timetable Changes You Need To Focus

Both RuneScape and Old School RS are always worth playing, because it provides what players want, and it is constantly updated. As far as I am concerned, over the years, RuneScape has been an old game for players to have fun. It is no longer a simple game, but an effective way for many players to build wealth, this is why RS with a poor graphic can be so popular.

As one of the most popular MMOs, RuneScape has detailed and complete systems and mechanics, as well as regular updates. Knowing that you are used to checking the latest developments of RuneScape on the official site, but now, it has changed a little.

Starting from this week, August 12, game updates of RuneScape will take place on Wednesday mornings, around 11:30 BST, and there will be no game update next week, as Jagex is planning to do something new.

And from August 27, Thursday, the weekly livestreams of Old School RuneScape will take place on every Thursday evenings, around 5 PM BST on twitch.tv/OldSchoolRS. That is, the livestream on August 12 and 19th will take place as usual.

As a result, if you don't want to miss any important news of Old School RuneScape, remember the updated timetable, which could make you play the game better, and even build wealth. Also, In order for each of you to keep the latest news of RuneScape and Old School RS, we will update relevant information on GoldRS.com per day, please stay tuned.

You can build wealth through farming in RuneScape, such as RS Gold, which can be earned from a lot of methods. Simply put, you can make money through winning the games and continue to invest in the game to enhance the strength and competitiveness of your characters and teams. GoldRS will give you the greatest help within its ability to play it, it must be a great experience for you.

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