Old School RuneScape Skills To Make Money Fast
Old School RuneScape Skills To Make Money Fast

In Old School RuneScape, gold farming is the only way to build wealth, and you can achieve the goal by experiencing skills, some of which are profitable and allow you to make money quickly, also known as OSRS Gold.

Through Mining, you could get Gems and Ores from rocks, and then sell for profit. This is an effective way to earn gold, because you can always get a high amount of Ore with Mining skill, such as Runite Ore, which is very rare and allows you to earn 700k OSRS Gold per hour.

The uniqueness of cooking is that it can't always produce a large amount of gold, but almost everyone is good at using the skill, especially at low levels. More importantly, you could cook while you are busy doing something else, saving much time.

Just like cooking, you can set aside and do another task to earn gold, although it does not make your rich, it is an additional income.

For instance, the Sacred Eels can earn 167k gold per hour, 200k for Anglerfish, 270k for Minnows, etc.

This is the best method to farm gold through making runes and casting Magic, but it would take longer. There are some high-level runes for you to use, so be sure to spend more time on leveling up RuneCrafting skill when possible, as the amount of profit you make will depend on what level your RuneCrafting.

You are able to catch a number of different creatures with hunter, which requires more effective hunting techniques such as laying improved traps. And as your level increases, you can buy better equipment to hunt more profitable creatures.

As can be seen from the above, there are many ways to make money in Old School RuneScape, and their common feature is time-consuming. If you are free, when playing it, you are advised to try these methods.

However, if you find farming no fun, you can buy OSRS Gold, which is a very convenient method.  As long as you place an order, you can quickly get a large amount.

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