Old School RuneScape Money Making Guide
Old School RuneScape Money Making Guide

Jagex made great overhauls to Old School RuneScape, making it completely different from RuneScape, that is to say, players need to adapt for a while to play Old School RuneScape, which are completely different from the original game. Here is a comprehensive guide about earning OSRS Gold, allowing you to thoroughly penetrate the game and benefit from it.

Making money almost runs through the entire game of Old School RuneScape, because at every level, Gold needs to be used in every aspect, so if you know how to make money quickly, this will allow you to occupy a central position in the game and never fall behind others.

In Old School RuneScape, you can get the corresponding reward for every level up, so you can first earn gold through skill training to meet basic needs as the rules, training the high-level skills can make you more gold, although this does not allow you to build wealth, it can bring a stale income, and even the starters without any experience could have a try.

In general, defeating monsters and bosses is the most common way to make OSRS Gold, which may also drop a series of high-value items as your reward, but only high-level players can defeat powerful monsters, such as Green Dragons, although this can bring you huge benefits in a short time, they will also cause damage to the players.

As far as I am concerned, the most suitable method we can provide is farming, but you will not be advised to always work repeatedly, which will not only waste you a lot of time, but also gain less and less XP.

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